The Youth Hub Feedback

Feedback from parents and carers

“Since joining Youth Hub we can see vast improvement in our child’s social and communication skills. As an only child it gives out children the chance to learn skills and socialise with children, making new friends in her age group and she really looks forward to doing this.”

“My grandson is autistic, he loves going to the centre, it has brought him on great, he was very shy and timid little boy till he started going to the centre. Joining in with other kids has brought him on great and he has even won a sports award and another for this achievements through the year because he has come on so well.”

“I’m writing this to thank the fab project. I attend with my son who is 7; he has disabilities which prevent him from socialising with bairns. The centre is his favourite place to come. It gives him a chance of normality and to play with other bairns this helps him to mix and learn how to communicate with other children the staff and kids who attend are absolutely fantastic.”

Feedback from children and young people

Young person aged 11 stated:
“I was been bullied and attended the Active Listening Sessions, this helped me to talk about stuff that worries me and I was asked if I would like to come to Safe Place 2 Talk. We helped n teams and done roles plays to what it feels to be bullied and how to get help.”

Young person age 14 stated:
“Mam and Dad are always shouting at each other which gets me very upset. I was punching the walls to cope but the Cree showed me different ways to cope. I was advised to put earphones in and listen to music or punch my bed or pillows instead. The problem hasn’t gone away but I have a better way of dealing with it and know I can talk about it.”

One young person age 12 stated:
“I like to come to the centre as it has lots of different things to do my favourite is the art room and doing cooking and sometimes we get to go on loads of trips which we get to do because of the fundraising which we do.”

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