Safe Place 2 Talk

Safe Place 2 Talk supports children age 7 – 11 with emotional wellbeing issues. The project helps boost self-esteem and confidence in a playful and supportive environment where children are able to express themselves through specialised creative play and game sessions. Children attending the sessions will learn coping strategies and how to deal positively with friendship issues, bullying, family breakdown, bereavement etc. Regular members can also enjoy daytrips away and visits to areas of interest.

Safe Place 2 Talk is FREE of charge and meets every Tuesday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Times may vary during holiday periods.

To become a member young people or parents are able to access the service by popping into see or telephoning Joanne Bowen (Youth and Play Development Manager) on 0191 5131777. Live updates regarding sessions are available on The Youth Hub’s Facebook page, where a highly responsive messaging service is also available regarding membership, volunteering, requests and queries.

Contact name: 

Joanne Bowen
0191 5131777
joanne [at]