Credit Union

The Credit Union is an independently run local co-operative organisation that offers loans and saving accounts for people who are living or working in the local area. The money that is collected in through savings is used to lend out in the form of loans. You can start saving from as little as £1. Deposits can be made at any local collection point by cash or cheque. You can even set up a standing order to make regular payments to your savings account, direct from your bank account. The Credit Union offer loans, savings and other financial products. You are able to get ‘White goods’ for a much cheaper price than other monthly payment retailers. Items available are washing machines, fridge freezers and tumble dryers for less than £200 each all with 2 years guarantees. Here at the Centre we are a collection point and we are able to help you become a member of the Credit Union, our drop in session is on a Thursday between 12pm and 1:30pm.

Contact name: 

Marion McKenna
0191 5131777
marion [at]